MULTIBUY is a visionary company with over 20 years of experience in
These fields are expanding worldwide with an exponential pace

Multibuy company is the result of the Multibuy business development.
In fact, Multibuy raises from being a national company, well established in the italian market to an international company. This was achieved by launching a revenue share programme called Multibuyworld in 2017 and the commercialisation of in 2018
In detail the company, by working together with the main financial institutions, has launched various and exciting opportunities to earn in some of the most popular current business trends: Online Advertising, Cash-back Shopping and e-commerce. Multibuy has even made its own prepaid cards. These original business concepts have attracted more than 2000 partners and 200.000 users, excited to work with Multibuy to promote and use products and services offered by the Company in a global Marketplace.

MULTIBUY is particularly proud of its system, made to reward its clients, adopted by over 2000 business partners in Europe and used by over 1,2 million people
over a period of 13 years

The Multibuy App also adds up to the customer’s experience, allowing him to directly book his worldwide trip, incorporating the loyalty program. Multibuy has utilised the time at its disposal to improve, refine the loyalty system, and is now ready ready to launch the program worldwide.
In line with the company’s approach to modern technology, we thought it was time to transform in not only to be up to date with modern requests, but also to assure a stable, successful position which can also be highly sustainable. A development team is currently working to introduce the new loyalty system, based on cryptocurrency