The Company Vision

In line with the company’s approach to modern technology, we thought it was time to transform…
not only to be up to date with modern requests, but also to assure a stable, successful position which can also be highly sustainable.

By working with a strategic partner, Multibuy is going to develop and launch its own personal cryptocurrency in 2018, using the Blockchain technology. Huge opportunities are going to open for Multibuy and for its ever growing membership and business partners.
Furthermore, the transaction towards the cryptocurrency is going to include the opening of a personal cryptocurrency and regulated “Exchange” in line with all the legal requirements.
is the new generation of technology which is going to cross new exciting frontiers and introduce its own new cryptocurrency:

is a new product of the Multibuy Group Kft, a Multibuy Group Company.
To proceed to the purchase, even if you are already registered in the Multibuy Circuit, it is necessary that you accept the terms and conditions of the new product.

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