Namiro Solution Kft, a company incorporated under Hungarian law, company registration number 01-09-371764, VAT n.: HU28738866, with registered office at Nagymezö Utca 18.2 emelet. ajtó 9/A – 1065 BUDAP EST (hereinafter referred to as ” Namiro Solution “) operates a Travel & Shopping portal available on the website (hereinafter the ” Website “).
These Terms of Use set out the terms of use applicable to all visitors, as well as to all registered users and customers of the Site. By using the Website, the user is bound to comply with these Terms of Use. Please read these Terms of Use carefully, as they constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Namiro Solution Kft. In case of disagreement with these Terms of Use, please immediately stop any use of the Site.
Namiro Solution Kft reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use, if deemed appropriate. In this case, these Terms of Use will be amended accordingly, in order to reflect the changes made. Please check these Terms of Use periodically to review any changes. The changes will take effect immediately after the publication on the Site. The continued use of the Site after the publication of the changes constitutes an acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms of Use and related modifications by the user.
These Terms of Use govern the participation of registered customers in advertising and incentive programs, as well as their participation in other services offered by Namiro Solution Kft. Each registered customer can be a natural or legal person. Natural persons must be of legal age and have legal capacity. The age of majority is governed by the laws and / or regulations applicable at the place of residence of the natural person, however the user must be at least 18 years of age to accept these Terms of Use and use the Site.
All messages, notifications, communications and notices of withdrawal must be sent to Namiro Solution Kft by post, at the following address: Andrássy út 41. III. Em. 2. 1061 Budapest, or by e-mail a
1. Definitions
The terminology below will have the following meanings and applies to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, the €uroCredit Usage Plan and any other agreements.
1. With “€uroCredit” we mean an exchange value with a bonus system to be able to take advantage of the reserved discounts;
2. “Customer” means a registered customer or a person who simply visits the site;
3. The term “Party” refers to both the person accessing / registering on the Site or Namiro Solution Kft, depending on the context of use, while the term “Parties” refers to registered customers / visitors and to Namiro Solution Kft.
4. The term “Product/s” refers to €uroCredit and all other products offered through the Website;
1. The term “Price List” refers to the price list of services and products offered by Namiro Solution Kft available on the Website;
2. “Privacy Policy” shall mean Namiro Solution Kft Privacy Policy regarding personal data collected in connection with this Site, which Privacy Policy can be accessed here;
3. The term “Registered Customer” refers to a subject who registers and creates an account on the Site;
4. The term “RDG” refers to the guidelines on the publication of the proceeds referred to in clause 24 of these Terms of Use;
5. The term “Terms of Use” refers collectively to these Terms of Use, to the Privacy Policy, as well as to the use of €uroCredit;
6. The terms “User” and “user” refer to the user of the Site, as well as to any person visiting the site, by accepting these Terms of Use.
2. Registered Customer’s Account
1. It is possible to become a registered customer of Namiro Solution Kft by following the instructions provided by this through the Site or other channel (partners);
2. To become a registered customer, you must open an account on the Site (hereinafter the “Account “);
3. You can open an account only in your name.
4. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his account;
5. We recommend that you do not disclose any information to your account or allow anyone else to use it;
6. The user will be fully responsible for all activities that take place on or through their account;
7. You agree to immediately notify Namiro Solution Kft of any unauthorized use of your account or any other known security breach;
3. €uroCredit
1. €uroCredit is an exchange value with a bonus system that gives rights to discounts and benefits for purchases made exclusively and exclusively on products of Namiro Solution Kft or Partners of the same;
2. A Registered Customer can receive an unlimited number of €uroCredit;
3. For each purchase made at a Namiro Solution Kft Partner, the customer will receive the equivalent amount spent in Euros in €uroCredit, with a 1: 1 ratio;
4. €uro Credit can be used only and exclusively on the portal, according to the quantities, from time to time, indicated on the product to be purchased;
5. For some products (taxes, consumption, flights, opening of practice) the use of €uroCredit is not allowed, unless it is specified on the characteristics of the product on sale;
6. €uro Credit does not expire and can be transferred to other registered customers;
7. €uroCredit can be viewed in the Client’s Private Area on the website;
4. Acquisition of €uroCredit
1. It is possible to acquire €uroCredit only from Registered Customers.
2. The €uroCredit received from Multibuy’s Partners Companies are free of charge and nothing is due at the time of accreditation.
3. It is possible to purchase €uroCrediti from the official website
4. The purchase of €uroCredit is considered complete as soon as the Registered Customer provides Namiro Solution Kft with a valid and accepted payment instrument, pursuant to the provisions on the Website, at the discretion of MultibuyCompany, and related to the Product (“the Purchase”);
5. The user acknowledges that the supply of €uroCredit is subject to the fulfillment, by the same, of the obligations arising from these Terms of Use.
5. Purchase of Products on the website
1. The purchase of a Product offered through the Website may be made only after registration and only if it holds €uroCredit
2. The purchase of a Product is considered complete as soon as the Registered Customer provides Namiro Solution Kft with a valid and accepted payment instrument, pursuant to the provisions on the Website, at the discretion of Namiro Solution Kft, and related to the Product (“the Date of Purchase “);
3. The user acknowledges that the supply of the Product is subject to the fulfillment by the same of the obligations arising from these Terms of Use.
6. Use of the Website
1. Use of the Site will be subject to the latest version of these Terms of Use. On the site you can view, without any commitment for Namiro Solution Kft, some answers many frequently asked questions on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);
2. By using the Website features that allow you to send or otherwise transmit content (for example, promotional videos and the like) to or through the Website, or contents that may be viewed by other users, you accept responsibility for:
• the entire content, including the contents of a creative and artistic nature. Please note that Namiro Solution Kft disclaims responsibility for the contents, as well as refrains from approving or approving them;
• the choice of the ad and the form of publication (banner, full banner, geographic targeting);
• objects to which the viewer is redirected from the aforementioned content, such as landing pages and associated URLs, as well as redirects to landing pages;
• products and services already advertised on landing pages;
• Protection of third party copyrights.
3. The user acknowledges that the supply of the Product is subject to the fulfillment by the same of the obligations arising from these Terms of Use
7. Use not allowed
1. The user must refrain from any use of the Site or the information contained therein for illegal purposes or prohibited by the Agreement. The user must refrain from any use of the Site that may create damage, disable, overload it, or endanger the operation or use by third parties;
2. Any copy, reproduction, modification, distribution, display, execution or transmission of any of the contents of the Site for purposes other than those expressly provided for in this Agreement is strictly forbidden;
3. The systematic retrieval of data or other contents of this Site, in order to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, a register, a database or a directory without the prior written consent of Namiro Solution Kft is expressly forbidden;
4. You further agree not to: (i) cancel or revise the information, materials or data on the Site; or (ii) gather information on others from the Site, including e-mail addresses, without their consent; or (iii) take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Site’s infrastructure; or (iv) use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Site or any operation performed on the Site; or (v) use or attempt to use any engine, software, instrument, agent or other device or mechanism (including, without limitation, browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or smart agents) to browse or search for a site other than the search engine and the search for Agents available from the Multibuy Company on the Site and from third-party web browsers generally available; or (vi) attempt to decrypt, decompile, disassemble or reverse the engineering of any software that includes or otherwise constitutes a part of the Site
8. Uploaded Contents
1. Each registered Customer agrees not to upload, publish, or otherwise distribute or facilitate the distribution of any content – including: text strings, communications, video, software, images, sounds, data or other information:
• illegal, threatening, and abusive, harassing, defamatory, slanderous, deceptive, fraudulent, and invasive of the privacy of others, harmful, obscene, sexually or graphically explicit , or in any case in violation of the rules and / or policies of Namiro Solution Kft;
• violate any patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret, copyright, moral right, right of publicity, right to privacy or other proprietary rights of any party;
• constitute unauthorized or unwanted advertising, mass e-mails or junk mail (also known as “spam”), chain letters, any other form of unauthorized solicitation, or any form of lottery or gambling;
• contain viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, web crawlers or other computer codes, files or programs specially designed or intended to destroy, damage or limit the operation of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or to damage or gain unauthorized access to data or other information from third parties; or
• impersonate any person or entity, including any employee or representative of Namiro Solution Kft, its licensors or advertisers.
9. Restrictions for customers
1. The Customer is required to refrain from carrying out the following acts or by allowing third parties to:
• download, sell, license, rent, lease, modify, distribute, copy, publish, modify the content of the site or process derivative works without the express written consent of Namiro Solution Kft;
• generate impressions, requests for information, clicks or automated conversions, fraudulent or otherwise invalid;
• hide conversions for programs, if these are to be communicated;
• use automated tools or any form of recovery or data extraction in order to have access to information regarding any aspect relating to the advertising of Namiro Solution Kft. Furthermore, the user must refrain from requesting them, or collect them in any other way, unless this has not been expressly authorized in writing by Namiro Solution Kft.
• violate patents, trademarks and / or design rights, copyrights, personal rights, privacy rights or proprietary rights of third parties;
• allow the execution of unauthorized or unwanted advertising, as well as the mass sending of e-mails (unwanted or mass e-mails, also known as “spam”) or chain letters;
• practice phishing or pharming;
• distribute viruses, Trojans, spyware, web crawlers or other computer codes, used to hinder or damage software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or to facilitate unauthorized access to data or other information third parts;
• initiate, assist or participate in attacks on the Namiro Solution Kft site or on their server systems and networks;
• impersonate any natural or legal person, including an employee or an agent of this web advertising portal or other advertisers;
• request payments from anyone using the Namiro Solution Kft website or the related Programs, or receive any form of remuneration, unless expressly authorized in writing by Namiro Solution Kft;
• violate any technical specifications provided and / or expressly mentioned in these Terms of Use or by any other means;
• advertise services (for example, prostitution, unauthorized gambling), narcotics (for example, cannabis), products (for example, alcohol and cigarettes) or materials that violate the laws in force in the countries where advertising is displayed;
• upload to Namiro Solution Kft any type of sexual advertising, or considered unethical;
• take any other illegal or fraudulent conduct under the laws of the country or state in which an announcement has been made publicly available;
• present or promote any content containing threats, harassment, offensive language, slander, vilification, ridicule or false accusation, as well as refrain from transmitting any content detrimental to the honor and dignity of a person, unless expressly authorized by the latter;
• attempt in any way to circumvent or act contrary to the Terms of Use or attempt to defraud Namiro Solution Kft, other registered customers or any other third party through the use of the Site.
10. Obligations on the part of the Customer
1. The Customer is required:
• to comply with these Terms of Use and to follow them carefully;
• to forward exclusively to Namiro Solution Kft all requests for information and messages relating to Namiro Solution Kft, as well as to forward the requests and notifications concerning the products as prescribed in these Terms of Use;
• not to collect information about other customers of this Site or use such information for purposes such as sending unwanted mass e-mails or electronic communications for their commercial purposes;
• to properly and sincerely disclose all the information and data previously made available to Namiro Solution Kft. Namiro Solution Kft may request the customer, at any time, to confirm the accuracy of its information, as well as ask the Customer to provide further documentation or other information in order to demonstrate the correctness of the data provided.
• to consent to the disclosure of data pursuant to the Privacy Policy;
• to use only your real name and surname, this implies the prohibition of using pseudonyms and names of art;
• to open and use the account only for their purchases;
• keep all data and information up-to-date,
• to always keep the password for the account in a safe place and not to disclose it or disclose it to third parties. Namiro Solution Kft must refrain from asking the Customer to reveal his password outside the access area;
• not to allow access to your Namiro Solution Kft account to third parties or to allow third parties to view the password when accessing the Multibuy Company account;
• not to choose a password for your Namiro Solution Kft account that is easy to understand starting from information about the Customer that someone may have or acquire;
• never enter your password outside the Multibuy Company site
• to ensure that your login is not stored, cached, or otherwise recorded when you access your Namiro Solution Kft account from a public computer or from a computer that is accessible to more than one person. In case of access from your PC, the Customer is required to ensure that he has exclusive access to the computer in question.
• to guarantee the security of the technical solution and the chosen software, as well as to exclude any risk for Namiro Solution Kft as far as possible, for example through the installation and updating of a commercial anti-virus program and a firewall, as well as updates regular. If the password is no longer secure or has lost its security level, or if there is an indication or a suspicion that it or other security features may have been lost stolen, otherwise misappropriated, used without permission or otherwise violated, to the Customer will be asked to change the password. In addition, the Customer must immediately contact Namiro Solution Kft and report the loss or breach of the security level of their password, so that Namiro Solution Kft may temporarily block the account in question and, upon request by the customer, provide a new password.
11. Security of the Customer’s email account:
1. Registered Clients are required to ensure that their email account is secure and to refrain from revealing their email password to third parties, as Namiro Solution Kft may use this email address to reset the password or for communications related to the security of their accounts. In parallel, the registered Customer may also be required at this point to prove his identity. If the customer suspects that his e-mail address filed with Namiro Solution Kft may have been compromised, he agrees to contact Namiro Solution Kft immediately.
12. Third-party websites
1. Each Customer can be redirected to online stores or other third-party sites through links or frames on the Site. The Customer undertakes to read the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notice of these third parties before visiting such sites. Such sites may contain information or material of an illegal nature or such as to be deemed inappropriate or offensive by other users. These sites are not controlled or monitored or reviewed by Namiro Solution Kft. Namiro Solution Kft is not responsible for the content of third-party websites and online retailing.
13. Disabling Adblock
1. To be able to access Site content and participate in the Programs, you must disable Adblock specifically for the Namiro Solution Kft website.
14. Intellectual Property
1. Copyright
• Namiro Solution Kft design, texts, names, logos, content, selection and arrangement of items, organization, graphics, compilation and other issues related to the Site are protected by applicable copyright laws . The publication of these elements on the Site does not constitute a waiver of any rights with respect to them. The customer will not acquire any property right regarding the elements displayed through the Website.
• Except as otherwise provided in this document, none of these elements may be used, copied, reproduced, downloaded, sent, displayed, transmitted, photocopied, registered or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Namiro Solution Kft.
2. Trade mark
• The name, logo, and all product names, company names, and other distinguishing marks of Namiro Solution Kft, unless otherwise specified, are trademarks of Namiro Solution Kft. The use or abuse of any trademarks or other materials contained on the Site, without the prior written consent of the respective owner, are expressly prohibited.
15. Third Party Sites
1. The customer may be redirected to online stores or other third-party sites via links or frames on the site. It is advisable to read the respective Terms and Conditions and / or the respective Privacy Policy before using these sites. Such sites may contain information or material of an illegal nature or deemed inappropriate or offensive by other users. Such third party websites are not controlled, nor monitored or reviewed by Namiro Solution Kft. The inclusion of a specific link does not imply the approval of the website by Namiro Solution Kft, the respective advertisers or licensees, or any form of association with the relative managers, moreover it is provided exclusively for the user’s convenience. The customer expressly exempts Namiro Solution Kft and its licensors from any liability with respect to such third-party sites and their use.
16. Warranty and Rights
1. Registered Clients guarantee and declare here that they are in possession of all necessary rights in relation to the content transmitted and to the landing pages.
2. The registered Customer warrants and declares that all information and permissions provided independently or on their own account are complete, legitimate and valid
3. The Registered Customer also ensures and guarantees that the use of Programs, Products, as well as the services or landing pages do not involve any violation of any applicable laws or joint and several liability in relation to them, nor do they infringe any regulation, policy, agreement or other relevant provisions, including the ethical code on advertising.
4. The registered Customer ensures and guarantees that the use of the Programs, Products, as well as the services or pages of destination do not involve violations of any intellectual property right, in particular of the trademark, copyright or other rights exploitation, trade secrets, or infringes any other legal provision.
5. The registered Customer also ensures and guarantees that the use of the services or landing pages does not result in violation of the rights of any contractual partners or third parties, nor does it encourage or contain ethically offensive, abusive, obscene, threatening content, or defamatory or otherwise illegal.
6. Namiro Solution Kft shall have the right to immediately remove the hyperlink or contractual frame-link in the event there is reasonable suspicion that the content of the site to which it refers is illegal or infringes the rights of third parties. A reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and / or violation of the law subsists, in particular, where courts, authorities and / or additional subjects notify the Namiro Solution Kft.
7. The registered Customer states and warrants here that the content transmitted does not contain harmful components such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, web crawlers or similar.
8. The Customer registered hereby undertakes to relieve Multibuy Company from any claims brought by third parties deriving from the content provided by the customer, as well as to reimburse any costs incurred by Namiro Solution Kft following any – or at least presumed – infringement of the rights.
9. The registered Customer also undertakes to indemnify and hold indemnified Namiro Solution Kft from any claim, request, damage or other kind of losses, including, but not limited to, legal expenses, deriving from the content transmitted or from a use of the Namiro Solution Kft website in violation of the Terms of Use. The aforementioned customer must indemnify Multibuy Company, as well as the respective partners and suppliers, for any third party claims and for damages arising, if they are attributable to the Client’s negligent behavior in terms of objectives, contents, landing pages or services.
10. Customer Registered hereby enables Namiro Solution Kft to perform automated queries and page landing analysis for the purposes of the Programs. Namiro Solution Kft will voluntarily provide data to the aforementioned customer. The registered Customer can recover the aforementioned data from his / her account.
17. Exclusion of Warranty and Limitation of Liability
1. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Namiro Solution Kft, their respective representatives and agents provide no warranty – including, as far as possible, any implied warranties – as well as disclaim any liability including, but not limited to, warranties and assurances of satisfactory quality. If a total exclusion of warranty and liability is not possible, Namiro Solution Kft or its representatives or agents can be held liable up to a maximum amount of one thousand euros (€ 1,000.00).
2. Namiro Solution Kft will endeavor to ensure that the Programs are efficient and free of defects. However, Namiro Solution Kft makes no representations about the availability, continuity, timeliness or exemption from Website errors. Namiro Solution Kft will provide customers with regular updates if the Programs are not available for maintenance or similar reasons. Namiro Solution Kft disclaims any responsibility for any faults arising from the Internet or the network, technical malfunctions or other inactivity (for example cases of force majeure, third party imputability, etc.) during which the programs cannot be used.
3. Namiro Solution Kft disclaims all warranties and accepts no responsibility for the information contained on the site or received through its use, as well as for the contents transmitted by the registered Customer. All information provided in this document, the published contents, as well as the use of this Site are provided and made available on an “as is” basis without any guarantee or liability of any kind.
4. Namiro Solution Kft does not provide any guarantee as to the correctness and / or timeliness of the information contained on the Website or received through its use, declines any responsibility in this regard; nor does it guarantee that any defects or errors will be corrected; nor that the content of the information obtained through this Site is free of viruses or other harmful components. The use of Namiro Solution Kft is carried out at the risk of the user.
5. Namiro Solution Kft and its affiliates exclude any warranty in relation to the programs, services, products or results deriving from such programs, services or products.
6. Namiro Solution Kft cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the content presented (advertising, etc.), or for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or distribution of the content transmitted.
7. If the services of Namiro Solution Kft were used by unauthorized third parties, through the customer’s credentials, the latter can be held responsible for any damages arising in terms of civil liability until the receipt, by Namiro Solution Kft, of the request for modification of the aforesaid credentials, or until the communication to the same in relation to such loss or theft, unless the access by unauthorized third parties mentioned above is not attributable to the client’s malicious act.
8. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Namiro Solution Kft and its representatives, collaborators and agents decline any responsibility in relation to any direct or indirect damage to the (legal) expenses incurred by the registered Customer, where deriving from the use of Namiro Solution Kft or a Program, Namiro Solution Kft also excludes any guarantee in this regard.
9. The registered Customer explicitly accepts the aforementioned warranty exclusions and limitations of liability here
18. Indemnification
1. The user undertakes to indemnify and hold indemnified Namiro Solution Kft and its representatives, employees and agents against any liability, recourse and expense, including legal fees, arising from the use of this Site, or any service, information or product from the same, or from any violation of this Agreement.
19. Modification of the Conditions of Use
1. Namiro Solution Kft will have the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, without the need to provide any prior notice to the Customer.
20. Termination
1. Each of the parties may withdraw from this Agreement by notifying the other party at any time, in which case the following provisions will apply:
• the customer account will be blocked;
• Namiro Solution Kft will inform the Customer and any unused €uroCredit will be reset;
2. Namiro Solution Kft reserves the right to discontinue use of this Site by a Customer at any time without notice, this right may also be exercised for any breach of this Agreement. All this without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for any damages or losses sustained as a result of said violation.
21. Blocking and Removing Customer Account
1. Namiro Solution Kft reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to block a registered customer’s account, or otherwise limit access to such account, in particular in the following cases:
• in case of violation of these Terms of Use;
• if Namiro Solution Kft has reason to believe that a third party has used the customer’s account without the latter’s authorization;
• if Namiro Solution Kft has reason to believe that the account has been used for illegal or fraudulent acts;
• if the Customer displays any content likely to entail a responsibility on the part of Namiro Solution Kft;
• if the block of the aforementioned account was required by law;
• if Namiro Solution Kft ceases to provide the Programs or key components thereof in the country (s) of residence of the Customer or (ii) of access to the Website by the same.
2. Namiro Solution Kft may block the account of a Registered Customer without indicating any reasons and without having to notify the aforementioned Customer. The customer expressly accepts these conditions.
3. Namiro Solution Kft reserves the right to remove any inactive account for a long period of time, as well as any account that does not have pending payments, upon receipt of the relevant notification from the Customer.
22. Ban on compensation
1. None of the Parties may offset any payment due under these Terms of Use against any other payment to be made pursuant to them.
23. Privacy
1. All personal information provided by the customer to Namiro Solution Kft will not be disclosed, sold or leased to any third party or entity not affiliated with Namiro Solution Kft.
2. Please read the Privacy Policy on the Site, where you can find details on how to comply, by Namiro Solution Kft, with art. 440 of the Data Protection Act of the Hungary Law, as well as about the methods of processing personal information received.
24. Miscellaneous
1. The official text of these Terms of Use is written in English, any interpretation of this Agreement will be based on that language. In case of conflict between the English version of these Terms of Use and any translation in any other language, the English version will prevail.
2. None of the parties will be entitled to make public statements about the contractual relationship in existence under these Terms of Use, except as expressly required by law. Any public statements will require the prior written consent of Namiro Solution Kft.
3. It is forbidden for the Client to transfer or transfer the rights and obligations deriving from this agreement or from it without the written consent of Namiro Solution Kft.
4. Namiro Solution Kft, however, may assign to third parties the credits deriving from the contractual relationship that is subject to these Conditions of Use without the Customer’s consent.
5. We hereby acknowledge that these Terms of Use do not constitute any partnership or joint venture relationship between Namiro Solution Kft and the Client.
25. Settlement of disputes
1. In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising between the Parties in connection with these Terms of Use, the Parties shall seek to resolve amicably such disputes or divergences arising between them. In the event that the dispute or divergence cannot be resolved, the parties will have the right to apply to an ordinary court for the purposes of the settlement of the aforementioned disputes arising from these Terms of Use.
26. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
1. Applicable law: These Terms of Use are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Hungary.
2. Jurisdiction: Regarding any dispute (contractual or otherwise) concerning these Terms of Use, the Parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hungary courts.
27. Salvation clause
1. Should one or more provisions of these Terms of Use be held to be invalid, unlawful, ineffective or unenforceable, for any reason whatsoever, by a court or by any competent authority, the validity, legality and applicability of the remaining Terms and Conditions will retain full validity and effectiveness.
28. Entire Contract
1. These Terms of Use, together with the Guidelines, the use of €uroCredit and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between the Parties to the contractual object, as well as replace any previous and simultaneous agreement between the parties.
Any waiver of any provision of these Terms of Use will only be effective if expressed in writing and signed by Namiro Solution Kft Nagymezö Utca 18.2 emelet. ajtó 9/A – 1065 BUDAPEST